6-8 Nov 2019

IARI Pusa, New Delhi

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Promoting Innovation and Ideas

The key to imminent change in agriculture lies in innovations that are customized to the existing demands and available resources.

Identifying best Commercial Technologies

Through our thoughtfully designed engagement programs, we will be identifying technologies that can be readily converted to sustainable businesses.

Forging Partnerships and Collaborations

AgTech World will be driving development by fostering partnerships and collaborations between the right businesses and people for accelerated growth

Charting Roadmap for Action

Capturing the essence of the biggest thinkers in the sector, AgTech World will provide key insights into implementing world’s best technologies and will identify priority action areas

World AgTech Congress

7-8 Nov 2019 | NASC Complex | New Delhi

ICFA leveraging its large pool of contributors, world’s most influential leaders, policy makers, experts, entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders—uniting their impact to address challenging critical issues and discover innovative solutions, will organize the 1st World AgTech Congress concurrently with the AgTech World 2019. The platform will serve to integrate the collective wisdom of these stakeholders to drive impactful innovations and solutions in the marketplace. This will also serve to overhaul the weak traditional system giving way to a more technology centric and robust one, inclusive of even the smallest contributors in the farm machinery, AI, digital farming and agricultural processing sectors. The congress will mainly encompass the four themes and build dialogues of policy change, innovation and next generation business strategy in these realms.

Who will you meet?

AgTech World: The Gateway to
Global Market and Agri Technologies

In order to bring India and the developing countries at par with the world and showcasing some of the most innovative solutions that India has developed and bringing on this platform the advance technologies and machineries that the world has made, the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is organizing innovation, ideas, business and technology centric mega event- AgTech World 2019. AgTech World will put the spotlight on agriculture technologies, encompassing the above mentioned themes and will serve as a world class platform for companies offering solutions for India, Asia and African countries.

Indian agriculture involving 600 million people and with a size of approximately $ 400 billon in a global value of $ 5 trillion, offers humongous opportunities. India is also the gateway to many Asian and African countries with its technical cooperation programs and agribusinesses increases the opportunity manifold for an event like AgTech World in India.

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is the pinnacle of organizing, conducting and managing several aspects in the Indian Agriculture sector and serves as a universal platform for trade facilitations, collaborations, technology, investments, and agribusiness services and for some of the major countries worldwide to form alliances with India and explore the prospects of opportunities for investments, trade, and cooperation through Joint Business Councils with various countries.

Focus Sectors


Tractors, Farm Machinery and Equipments


Digital Farming, IT and Precision Agriculture


Agriculture Technologies, AI, Optics, Robotics and High Tech Agriculture


Farm and Agro Processing and Post Harvest Technologies

New Delhi- The Host City!

Delhi takes pride in being the capital of the country for many dynasties in the last 1000 years. It is in fact a city wrapped in legends and rich history, where time flows differently, and where every moment becomes a moment of history. A vibrant melting pot, it encapsulates two very different worlds, the 'old' and the 'new', each representing delectably different experiences. New Delhi, being the capital of India, has significant political, diplomatic and developmental display. Delhi is sprinkled with glittering gems like: captivating ancient monuments, magnificent museums, a vivacious performing-arts scene and some of the subcontinent's yummiest places to eat. Delhi blends within its folds the great cultural variety of India. Delhi is not just a name, it is a feeling. Every inch of land in Delhi has an important history buried under and every 500 meters has some significant cultural or historic work. Come experience it....

Highlights of AgTech World

  • Sprawling exhibition venue at IARI
  • World class infrastructure
  • National and global participation
  • Top Government and policy makers visits
  • B2B Meetings and business facilitation
  • Addressing Policy, Trade and Technology Issues

Join the AgTech World

  • Global Visibility and Great Branding
  • Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Marketing and Business Opportunities
  • Technology and Investment Potential
  • Exposure to Latest IT, AI and Digital Technologies

Major Events

FarmTech World

Farm Machinery & Tractor Technology
Sessions on Farm Mechanization

DigiTech World

Digital Farming & Precision Agriculture
Sessions on Precision Agriculture and Digital Farming

AgTech World

Agriculture Technologies, AI and IT in Agriculture
Sessions on AI, Agro Technologies and High Tech Agriculture

AgProTech World

Agriculture Processing and Farm Level Processing Technologies
Sessions on Agro and Processing Technologies

2nd World Agriculture Prize

Progressive Farmers Conventions

The World Agriculture prize recognizes the individuals and prize institutions with exceptionally significant and globally impacting achievements in the field of agriculture, including but not limited to: breeding, food production, plant and animal science; food science and technology; nutrition; rural development; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; bio based products, social organization and poverty elimination; finance, investments or budgetary allocations; policy, industry and agribusiness, programs or economic interventions; and public advocacy.

The World Agriculture Prize is a single prize of $100,000 and the next prize will be presented on Nov 5, 2019 in New Delhi, preceded by a special session, named “Swaminathan Global Dialogue on Climate Change and Food Security”, as part of the World Agriculture Summit and AgroWorld 2019 in New Delhi. The special session on Climate change and food security has been incepted with a thought to invite the laureates of food and agriculture world to participate in the World Agriculture Prize event and deliberate on this burning issue to come out with a blue print for climate resilient agriculture in a sustainable manner to safeguard the interests of our future generations...

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AgroWorld 2019

Agri Startups Convention

In a bid to introduce contemporary agriculture –agri and allied sectors with their best practices, technologies, processing and marketing that can inevitably help countless farmers and platform owners, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with the support of the Government of India and several States and in technical collaborations with a large number of industry th th associations and international bodies, is fully geared up to floor AgroWorld 2019 from November 5 to 8 , 2019 at the sprawling campus of Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi. Additionally, this insightful global knowledge and trade event will encompass industry-oriented topics, opportunities for startups, international participation and much more.

Meanwhile, the agro food industry experts, agri-specialists and government officials from all across the world, will share their prized insights on available technologies, trade and business models and modern innovations. These distinguished individuals will be ready to interact with our entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists. Indian industry and businesses, institutions, Central Ministries and the State Governments will have the showcasing opportunities of their products and technologies, programs and services, potential and achievements before the national...

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Reap the Rewards of Exhibiting

Global Visibility | Great Branding | Marketing | Business Opportunities | Collaborations and Partnerships
  • With the increase in demand, more and more international players are attracted to the Indian market that offers enormous opportunities.
  • Find engaging audience and key persons of Indian and global food and agriculture sectors to explore possibilities of business, investments and collaborations.
  • The Fair boasts to understand exhibitor's needs and deliver right buyer, collaborator and investor to serve the purpose of participation.
  • India offers great learning opportunity in agriculture. The national and global display of products, technologies and services can help you discover how to be more productive.
  • AgTech World 2019 provides a great opportunity to network. Better innovations and models from other regions and the world can become valuable resources for referrals and best-practices.
  • AgTech World 2019 is a place where you can learn more about the current national and global business climate. Discovering innovative products and services for your business to stay competitive in today's dynamic business world.
  • With large number of print and digital media partners and social media initiatives, it offers great exposure and widespread publicity.